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I haven't done one of these before and also don't think I have the discipline to do these often. Still, I thought it would be fun to try and recap what happened and what I did in 2022.


A (wife), O (kid), and I have been in our house for 2 years now. This year also marks our house's 100th year from when it was built which is ridiculous to even think about. There's a lot of cool info I was able to find in public library records about the house including some pictures of it from a long time ago.

We've had friends and family visit us this past year which has been nice as travelling with a toddler by plane still feels very scary to me. We have a list of places where we think would be a good place to travel with O but haven't settled on anything yet.


I took on a few more responsibilities at work including the backend of some of the applications I work with. I hadn't looked at Java code in a bit but it felt quite natural coming back to it after all these years.

Outside of work duties I have been working a little more on some personal projects. The big thing I worked on this year was a micropub client called sparkles. This was a project I had started, trashed, and restarted a few times but was committed to getting it to some state of completeness this year. I also did some minor changes to my micropub endpoint. I keep debating naming this something but haven't quite decided what to do there.

One last project that I started working on was an indieauth and token endpoint to switch away from indieauth.com. I keep hearing about plans to possibly deprecate IndieAuth and this also seems like the next logical step of IndieWeb related projects for me to work on.


I miss going to the movies but I'm still very cautious with indoor spaces where others are unmasked. I only saw three movies in theaters this year but hoping that changes in 2023.

This year I watched 138 movies (100 new and 38 rewatched).

That's 5 less movies than 2021 but 22 more new movies watched.



I don't add episodes watched here but I do actively track everything I've watched on trakt.

The Office is somehow always on TV so whenever A and I don't have anything to watch and O is asleep, that goes on. There's also a lot of Bluey.

A few favorites from this year:



I moved from Spotify to Apple Music earlier this year. One of the biggest things that I've missed is access to Spotify's Discover Weekly which makes finding music from new artists harder now. Apple's alternative has not figured me out yet or is just not even close to Spotify's.

Favorite new releases:

I've also been enjoying figuring out what sort of stuff O likes to listen to. Whenever he reacts to music we save it and replay it later and if he reacts positvely multiple times, we add it to his playlist:

Music of Oz

We haven't added anything new in a bit because he's currently in a Gorillaz only phase. I'm not complaining.


I also haven't figured out how I want these posted on my site but I went back through what I've read and thought I'd add them here for now.