How I Rate Movies

I've had this post drafted for a bit and after reading Robb Knight's post about their movie rating system, I thought it's about time I finish and post it.

I like watching movies and I try to watch a lot of movies. For the past few years I've been using Letterboxd to track movies I watch. I didn't rate for a long time because I thought it was pointless and the rating only really applies to me but then quite a few times I found myself rewatching a movie that I had already watched because I didn't remember what I thought about it or completely forgot that I watched it.

The main motivation for me building a micropub client was so that I could track my movie watch history on my site and move away from Letterboxd. I used to take a few days to log a movie on Letterboxd mostly out of forgetfulness but having my own client that I need to test makes me log movies sooner.

This rating system was created so that I could remind myself generally what I thought about the movie without having to write a review and more importantly, make it easy to know whether I thought something was worth coming back to later. It doesn't always make sense but it works for me.

Here's roughly how I rate movies:

  • ★★★ is the baseline score. This is where all movies start.
  • Every time I wish I was doing anything else, the movie drops ½.
  • ★★★½ if I think the movie is worth a rewatch.
  • ★★★★ is a great movie but I probably won't be coming back to it.
  • ★★★★½ is great AND rewatchable.
  • ★★★★★ is a perfect movie or it means something to me.

Rating something under ★★★ is rare and it doesn't speak to the quality of the film as much of whether or not it was able to interest me.

Fun data: 908 movies rated (Last updated 2023-02-15)

rating count
½ 1
★½ 8
★★ 24
★★½ 46
★★★ 163
★★★½ 179
★★★★ 250
★★★★½ 129
★★★★★ 103