I want to leave Spotify

Everyone is leaving Spotify. It's been something on the back of my mind for a bit but recent events have definitely made me put more thought into it. My biggest issue is that I pay for Spotify Family to get my family access to it as well. When I think of leaving a subscription service like this, I also have to figure out the migration for the less tech savvy people in my family.

I own quite a few albums that I host on my Plex Media Server and listen with Plexamp on my phone. This works great for me and I'll continue building on this library but this doesn't really translate well for 5 other people with their own favorite artists, albums, and playlists.

Violet Blue's guide walks through the migration process from Spotify to a different platform really well. The biggest issue while trying to find where to move to is finding a platform that also works in Ecuador and the Bahamas. Apple Music is the only other service that matches the criteria I'm looking for however I'm not sure what the experience for Apple Music is like on an Android device.

All that being said, even though the migration process is well documented and there are multiple tools to help in that process, it seems there are quite a few issues in getting things to work. Times this by two other people I will have to help migrate stuff.

My options at this point are:

  • Stay with Spotify
  • Switch to Apple Music and help migrate to those who need it
  • Switch to Apple Music and start from scratch

Do I really need my playlist for a roadtrip in 2015?

Yes, I think I do.