The repository for this website is public and can be found on GitHub

The website is built with:

and uses:

To create posts and deploy:

To receive and send webmentions:

NOTE: These work but I want to clean them up and make them their own plugin soon.

Whenever there's a git push to the main branch, the site is automatically deployed. Initially I set this up to test three different targets to deploy to:

  • Netlify does this automatically
  • GitHub Actions builds the site and adds the files to a gh-pages branch
    • The same build that is added to the gh-pages branch is uploaded to a Digital Ocean VPS.
  • After a successful deploy to Digital Ocean, the send_webmentions.yml action is run which will check for recent posts and send webmentions if it finds any.
  • Once per day, fetch_webmentions.yml runs and checks if the site has received any webmentions. If it has, it will trigger a redeploy and add those webmentions accordingly.

I plan to remove deploying to GitHub Pages and Digital Ocean and instead stick with Netlify as it seems to build quicker. A build takes under 1 min usually through GitHub Actions which isn't bad but I'd rather go with Netlify as it seems to deploy in about 20s.

New post process

     │ micropub │       ┌────────┐    ╔═════════╗
     │  client  │    ┌─▶│ github │───▶║ netlify ║
     └──────────┘    │  └────────┘    ╚═════════╝
          │          │       │
          │          │       ▼
          ▼          │  ┏━━━━━━━━━┓   ┏━━━━━━━┓
     ┌──────────┐    │  ┃ actions ┃──▶┃ build ┃
     │ micropub │────┘  ┗━━━━━━━━━┛   ┗━━━━━━━┛
     │ endpoint │           ╔════════╗    ║    ╔═══════════╗
     └──────────┘           ║ github ║◀───╨───▶║ ║
                            ║ pages  ║         ╚═══════════╝
                            ╚════════╝               │
                                              ┃ webmentions ┃

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