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"I dont have anything interesting to say" is the one that resonates with me the most.

I'm trying to think of my site as more of a public journal where the content is for me first and if someone gets something out of it, thats just a bonus. I still dont write much because "I gotta fix [x] on my site first"

I have some new changes for sparkles but I'm struggling with the format for movie and book logs.

h-review works but if you're not adding a rating or review then it should be an h-entry with a u-watch-of.

But maybe all logs should be an h-entry and if theres a review it should also post an h-review.

Another issue for me with h-review is that it will need a tag (or category) to mark it as a movie, book, or anything else.


made a whole batch of alfajores for my kid's birthday and only got to eat one

Today was my first day off and somehow I feel more tired than if I worked all day

the github action for sending webmentions is the issue here but "it works on my machine"